New Jersey crews stay busy keeping roads clear following snowstorm

Saturday, January 20, 2024
New Jersey crews stay busy keeping roads clear following snowstorm
New Jersey crews stay busy keeping roads clear following snowstorm

HADDONFIELD, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Public works crews in New Jersey were busy staying on top of the roads as several inches of snow fell throughout the state.

On South Jersey's backroads, drivers kicked up snow that started to accumulate. However, the main highways stayed mostly clear.

While conditions may not have been ideal for driving, they were perfect for a day off snow. Some areas saw as much as 6 inches of snow.

"We didn't get any snow last year like this so I think it's like amazing," said 11-year-old Bernadette McCarthy.

It's also the first time in almost two years Camden County is using its stockpile of salt and road treatment.

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"We will continue to salt throughout the day as we plow. The pavement should have salt on it. After we plow through it, another layer of salt comes right behind it," said Bob Harris, the director of Camden County Public Works.

They say the storm earlier in the week gave them a head start on treating roads.

Statewide, NJDOT says it has 4,000 pieces of equipment out keeping major highways passable.

"Just be mindful, we haven't had snow in a couple of years so we had to start preparing again earlier, having meetings and having snow prep meetings just to get ready for this event and it snowed twice this week," said Camden County Commissioner Al Dyer.

Maranda Clarke was sledding with her mom in Woodbury. She says she got a sled two years ago. She finally got to put it to the test on Friday.

"When I go down, I have the type of feeling like excitement," said Clarke.

In Haddonfield, Jack Russell still chose to walk to his haircut for a wedding tomorrow.

"I just didn't wanna hear about it tomorrow so I just cut my losses and made sure it happened today," he joked.

By Saturday, Haddonfield hopes the streets are full of Bluey and Olaf fans for Winterfest, an event that features ice sculptures of the popular animated characters.

"The snow should be ending shortly hopefully, and the DPW crews will get the roads nice and clean and be safe for everybody to travel tomorrow," said Haddonfield Police Chief Jason Cutler.