Snow emergency lifted in Philadelphia after winter storm; temps plummet for the weekend

Temperatures overnight will drop into the teens so any slush will freeze solid overnight.

Snow emergency lifted in Philadelphia after winter storm
Snow emergency lifted in Philadelphia after winter storm; temps drop overnight

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia officials are urging drivers to be cautious as temperatures drop following Friday's winter storm that brought several inches of snow to the region.

The snow emergency was lifted at 7 p.m., which means that you can resume parking on snow emergency routes.

The Streets Department says it has treated 75% of the city's roads, but with below-freezing temperatures setting in overnight, there are concerns that wet and unplowed streets could freeze over.

"We are nowhere near done. The winter storm is here and the roads that are drivable now are going to become undriveable this evening. Things that are bad now may get worse as we head towards the nightfall," said Mayor Cherelle Parker during an afternoon news conference.

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It didn't take long for the already snowy and icy roads to once again blanket with snow Friday. The notoriously difficult to navigate streets were made even more tricky to maneuver thanks to the latest round of snowfall.

Drivers battle hills of Manayunk during snowstorm

"Actually my street comes up hill, so encourage people to stop, stop, stop, turn around, go on even roads because up hill you're never going to make it," said Clayton Brothers, from Roxborough.

The final snow totals in the city range from 3 to 5 inches.

Delaware saw some of the highest totals, with 7 inches falling in Dover and 6 inches in Middletown.

Latest forecast

The storm cleared the coast by 7 p.m.

Temperatures overnight will drop into the teens so any slush will freeze solid overnight.

Then the winds pick up Saturday, with gusts of 30-35 mph through the day. There will be limited sunshine as clouds win out. And with a high of just 25, it will feel closer to 5 to 10 degrees all day long. Frostbite can occur on exposed skin in roughly 30 to 45 minutes so bundle up for any sleeding/skiing outdoor activities.

Warning not to save parking spots

Philadelphia police are again warning residents not to save parking spots.

"Sometimes it can be controversial -- you clean out your space and somebody takes your space -- but it's just not worth getting into the confrontations. We just really asked people to call 311 or call 911. We will come out, we'll address the issue for them. It may be delayed in that response, but we will come out," said Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel.

Speed restrictions

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has lifted all speed limit restrictions that were in place on all interstates and major highways across the Philadelphia region during the latest winter storm.

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Snow Plows

The Streets Department is using all of its resources to fight the storm. The department is mobilizing over 400 pieces of equipment, including support from city agencies and contractors, and the city has 40,000 tons of salt available.

Residents can use PlowPHL, an interactive map, to track and monitor the status of the city's plowing and salting operations.

Parking enforcement

The Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) will begin enforcing all parking regulations - including meters, kiosks and time zones - beginning at 7 a.m. Saturday, January 20, 2024. Towing and impoundment of illegally parked vehicles will resume as well at 7 a.m.

Philadelphia International Airport

Flights in and out of Philadelphia International Airport were impacted by the winter weather that hit the area on Friday.

More than 300 flights were delayed and several dozen were canceled.

The FAA briefly issued a ground stop and ground delay, preventing flights from coming into the airport. That was done to stop a large backlog of airplanes on the runway.

Flights canceled, delayed at Philadelphia International Airport thanks to winter storm

Trash collection

Due to the storm, sanitation crews and equipment were diverted to snow operations.

The city is currently on a holiday schedule due to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, which means collections are currently one day behind regular schedule.

Friday's collections, which were scheduled to be picked up this Saturday, are suspended.

Residents who normally have Friday collections will have to hold their trash until next week. Alternatively, residents can drop off trash materials at the city sanitation convenience centers, which are open for regular hours Monday through Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW)

The 24-hour Emergency Hotline will remain open for emergency calls. At any time, all gas leaks or gas-related emergencies should be immediately reported by calling (215) 235-1212.

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How to report a PECO outage

Customers can report power outages to, or by texting "ADDOUTAGE" to MYPECO (697326), to enroll in our two-way texting program to report outages and check the status of their outage.

Pet safety awareness

Residents should contact the ACCT Philly hotline at (267) 385-3800 ext. 1 if they observe a dog outside during extreme cold (aside from bathroom breaks and short walks). It is against City ordinance to leave dogs outside in extreme cold without proper shelter, and owners can be fined up to $500.

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Homeless outreach

Amid freezing temps, Philadelphia officials have initiated a Code Blue that will last until further notice.

A Code Blue is declared when the forecast shows either a wind chill of 20 degrees or below or a temperature of 32 degrees or below with precipitation.

During Code Blue, city officials implement 24-hour outreach to find people living on the street and transport them to indoor spaces.

People are also allowed to stay inside emergency housing all day and additional shelter beds are provided.

If anyone is concerned about someone who is homeless, they should call the Homeless Outreach Hotline at (215) 232-1984 at any time. Outreach is available 24/7. First responders can also transport people to shelter for their own safety. See how the City of Philadelphia helps people who are unsheltered during freezing temperatures and how other residents can help too.

Learn more about a Code Blue at