Top Mexican restaurants spicing up dining options in South Philly

We have some spots to check out in South Philly!

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Friday, May 13, 2022
South Philly has top spots for Mexican food
Jessica Boyington has some top spots for Mexican food in South Philly!

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- When the weather is just right, you want a meal that will keep your belly full and spirits up...and Mexican cuisine will do just that.

Here are some more spots that'll be an instant favorite with just one little sip!

If you want the real deal, the word on the street is to go to ANY restaurant that Cristina Martinez touches. (It's lucky for Philadelphians that her two spots are right next door to each other on South 9th Street.)

South Philly Barbacoa is packed on Saturday and Sunday, and Casa Mexico is open seven days a week with a bar coming soon.

Combined, they make over 2,400 tortillas a week, and everything else on the menu from scratch, too.

They squeeze fresh orange juice every single day, and made me the most delicious bowl of tomato soup that I've ever had!

The fish was cooked perfectly, and it even felt healthy, but I just could not stop with the sweet corn and chorizo appetizer.

Husband and wife team Raul and Veronica Castro opened Frida Cantina six years ago on the corner of 10th & Wolf Street in South Philly.

There is a fully stocked bar with 110 mezcals, 60 tequilas and a menu that focuses on cuisine from Central Mexico...and I tried it all!

They say that most customers start with classic loaded nachos and guacamole, but I couldn't resist the gooey queso fundido loaded with spicy chorizo. They also showed me how much salsa to put on the carnitas tacos, and gave me a taste of the sweet and savory Mexico City pork tacos with pineapple.

But my favorite dish (even after trying the crunchy fish tacos and their enchiladas) was the enchipotladas stuffed with shredded chicken, topped with a secret chipotle sauce.

Just don't forget to try a cocktail, because they are something special! The most popular drink is the hibiscus margarita, but they have a huge version of a Bloody Mary filled with Mexican beer that they so lovingly nicknamed: the Hangover Medication...ask for that one and tell 'em I sent ya!

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