Overheard at Tredici with Jefferson Health's Dr. Stephen Klasko - Part II

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Thursday, July 2, 2020
Overheard at Tredici with Jefferson Health's Dr. Stephen Klasko - Part II
Ajay Raju continues his conversation with Jefferson CEO Steve Klasko

Tredici (WPVI) -- Steve Klasko contains multitudes; DJ, marathon runner, sky diver, author, visionary hospital administrator and all-purpose disrupter-there is far more to him than can be captured in a single sitting.

That's why this edition of Overheard at Tredici is a two-volume set.

This is part 2 - delving into Steve's various areas of expertise, with special emphasis on his prescription for a healthcare system that finally, and truly, focuses on meeting patients' needs.

Click here to see part 1 and Steve's thoughts on what drives him, who influences him, and how he maintains his frenetic pace. Learn more about a Philadelphia renaissance man, but a reformer who gets results.

Want to skip around? Check out these highlights:

3:00 - What is transparency in medical services? It's coming, and it's going to change how you choose your treatment.

5:40 - AI is already here - and it's also changing the way you receive care.

7:15 - He's not just a doctor - he's been a patient.

8:05 - The consumers are driving the changes.

14:15 - That AI - don't call it "artificial."

16:00 - Can doctors with poorer performance actually make more money because of their failings?

18:10 - "We're going to be the Silicon Valley of healthcare..." says everyone. Is anyone right? (No)

22:08 - Hahnemann - Profits Vs. Safety Net - Are out-of-market health care systems responsible to the local communities?

26:45 - Until THIS gets fixed, Philadelphia will be an under-performing city.

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