Matteo Iadonisi
Matteo Iadonisi is a Community Journalist for 6abc. He has shared his creative videography and storytelling talents with Action News since May 2017!

Born in South Philadelphia and raised in Washington Township, New Jersey, Matteo has deep roots planted on both sides of the Delaware River.

Matteo started making YouTube videos with a green screen in his basement when he was just 10. He then studied media at Paul VI High School and Rowan University. He has two bachelor's degrees in Radio/TV/Film and Journalism.

Before joining 6abc, Matteo was the Production Director at Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM. Since then, he has been an Action News intern, associate producer, tour guide, and now Community Journalist.

Matteo is thrilled to be a storyteller who never left home with the television station he grew up watching. Whether he is standing atop the towering Ben Franklin Bridge or climbing inside the creaky Wanamaker Organ, he is thrilled to go anywhere to shoot the perfect angle for his story!

Matteo's Stories
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